WooDoo Buildtools 2.0.5 released

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Woodoo Buildtools - Der Gulp 4 Frontend Workflow


Typ: Revision Update


– update gulp-shell dependency to Version 0.7.0
– update variable for browsersync_proxy_local_url in gulp_config.json because .dev domains are tld now
– simple refactorings in gulpfile.example.js
– add new browser-sync options to gulp_config.json Important: update your gulp_config.json
– update gulpfile.js with new browser-sync options Important: update your gulpfile.js

Files DIFF needed?:

Yes, following files has been changed:
gulpfile.js ( diff with _gulpfile.example.js_ )

Vulnerabilities Found:

Regular Expression Denial of Service (ReDos) of the npm `braces` package (wait for fix from package-author)

Installation Update

  • composer update dermatz/woodoo-buildtools
  • switch into woodoo-buildtools path cd woodoo-buildtools
  • gulp update_json
  • update gulp_config.json (make a diff with woodoo-buildtools/core/gulp_config.json)
  • update gulpfile.js (make a diff with woodoo-buildtools/core/gulpfile_example.js)

Installation Buildtools

Das Toolset bekommst du auf Gitlab und Github.

F├╝g dieses Snippet in deiner composer.json hinzu

"extra": {
      "./woodoo-buildtools/core": ["dermatz/woodoo-buildtools"]

F├╝hre diese Befehle in Ihrem Projekt-Root aus, um woodoo buildtools in root /woodoo-buildtools zu installieren

composer.phar config repositories.woodoo-buildtools git https://gitlab.com/dermatz/woodoo-buildtools.git
composer.phar require dermatz/woodoo-buildtools --dev "^2.0.5"
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