WooDoo Buildtools 2.5.4 released

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What's new? - Keyfeatures

  • Automatic standalone Installation

    Now it’s possible to download and setup Woodoo Buildtools as standalone tool on any position in your project. This is a very cool feature. Now you are able to run the setup with just 1 command from your console. Just type npx woodoo-buildtools and that’s it. Now the setup will install all files automaticly. Just follow the instructions in your console.

  • BabelJS 7 and ES6 Support

    New Support of BabelJS 7. JavaScript will be automatically compile in ES6 during concatination and minify task of your project js assets. The BabelJS Support is also available for all of your node-modules.

  • New update process

    We know it is anoing to search and replace updates in the gulpfile.js after each update. To reduce manual updates we create a whole new
    process. We replace the gulp-config.json to be more flexible. Now you get the the new gulp.config.js for all your project configurations. Also JavaScript concatination task will be managed here.

See all changes in our Changlog.

Standalone Version

Since Version 2.5.0 you can install Woodoo Buildtool with one command from your bash console.

npx woodoo-buildtools

Installion as NPM Dependency

If you want to add Voodoo as NPM Package, just run the code below. But this way is not preferred.

npm i woodoo-buildtools --save-dev

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